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What is Video Mapping Loops

What is Video Mapping Loops? Special video mapping looped footage and video backgrounds with 3D depth effect for projection video mapping shows. A monochromatic video series with 3D animation of geometric objects and the transformation of light and shadow. Most video mapping loops are created as video transitions, video textures and masks, making it possible […]

What is Video Mapping Toolkits?

What is Video Mapping Toolkits?  Video mapping tookkit is a set of motion-design tools, audio-visual, 2D, 3D animated content for video projections onto the facade of buildings and architecture. Video mapping Toolkits – collections of animated elements of the facade: columns, cornices, window frames, relief forms created to prepare visual compositions on different types of […]

Top Projection Mapping Festivals Worldwide.

Top Projection Mapping Festivals Worldwide.  Projection mapping as technology is growing leaps and bounds, and so are light / projection mapping festivals. Creating shows which can be labeled as 3D projection mapping, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, the technique of projection mapping helps create spectacular experiences. If you are an artist looking to expand your […]

Top Green Screen Plugins for After Effects

Top Green Screen Plugins for After Effects After Effects by itself has become fairly powerful in handling green screen footage. The native keying tool should do the trick most of the time. But there are times when your footage needs that extra something like hair restoration, finer edge selection. We have compiled a list of […]


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